Types of Cases Handled By Personal Injury Lawyers in Tampa, FL

Posted by on Mar 24, 2016 in Personal Injury

personal injury lawyer Tampa Personal injury law is a wide field that is constantly evolving with each passing year. In fact, most of the current statutes on personal injury law in Florida are loosely based on the rulings from past cases that were determined by the courts. However, the types of cases handled by personal injury attorneys can be summarized into the categories discussed below:

  • Motor vehicle accidents – if you get knocked down by a car or crash into one, and it can be proved that the other driver was the one who was at fault, then a good  can help you get compensation for your injuries as well as any other losses- such as lost wages- that you might have suffered from the accident.
  • Slip and fall accidents – it is the duty and responsibility of the owners of public establishments to make sure that they are as safe as possible. For instance, the owners of buildings that have slippery floors are required to set up clearly visible displays advising the public about the floors. Failure to do this, be it through carelessness or through negligence, means that the owners of the establishments become liable for any injuries suffered by their patrons if they should slip and fall on the floors. Slip and fall accidents do not cause any serious harm most of the time but, sometimes, the injuries could be quite severe and would justify compensation by the owners of the premises.
Medical malpractice – when a medical professional negligently or carelessly violates the standards of care while attending to a patient and the patient is harmed in any way as a direct result then the patients can and should pursue compensation for medical malpractice. It is worth pointing out medical malpractice does not just refer to serious medical complications like failed surgeries but also covers other issues such as misdiagnosis as well.
  • Workplace injuries – every employer is charged with the responsibility of making sure that his or her employees work in a safe and secure environment. Any physical harm that comes to the workers at the workplace due to failure by their employer to provide such an environment could constitute sufficient grounds for launching and winning a personal injury compensation claim please click here .
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Legislative bodies in European Union law

Posted by on Jan 23, 2016 in European Union law

European Union law is a bit different from all other laws, and writing about all differences would take large amount of time. So, this article will be just about few things that are important regarding European Union Law. Check las vegas Car accident attorney page and search for more info please see here .

    Out of all executive bodies in the EU, the European Commission is the main one. Objectives of this Commission are ( as written in articles of the treaty ): the promotion of general interests of the EU, remaining completely independent body that takes no instructions from any government. It also has the power to adopt Union legislative acts, but only those that follow the codes of Treaties. The Parliament of EU can suggest legislatives to Commission, and they can either adopt or discard those suggestions.  But, the Commission doesn’t have full power over legislatures because European Parliament as well as Council of the EU both have rights to amendments and vetos while the legislative process lasts.


   TO adopt an law, or legislature commission has to vote, and that law needs to have majority vote to pass. But before it comes to that all objections that come must be processes and only when no one has anything to object the vote can start.

   We talked about main legislative body, but you should be aware of the second legislative body, Council of the European Union. Council is composed out of ministers of all member states.  Another council, European Council is concerned with development of the council and it defines political directions and priorities of EU. On the other hand the Council does legislative functions. Council is interesting because representatives ( ministers) of the nations under the EU are different ministers. Well, if a Council is gathered to discuss foreign affairs then ministers of foreign affairs from each member state will attend that meeting, and it is always like that depending on the topic of the meeting.


   The voting within the Council is not made to favor greater nations, because it is done with inversiveweight to the size of the member. There is 352 votes on every meeting and every legislation requires majority vote which is decided for every legislature.

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Laws you might find funny

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Each country has its own laws, most of them are essentially the same as in other countries, like punishment for theft or fraud, but the laws that make countries differ from each other can be very entertaining.

With this in mind, in this article we will mention the ones we find most interesting in the United States per state.

Connecticut law

Some kids in school don’t like letting other kids copy their work during homework or tests but the state of Connecticut has taken it to a whole new level. Connecticut has issued a law that prohibits students from selling a term paper, dissertation, essay and so on in any educational facility supervised by the state. Some of you probably watched the movie Lord of the rings and witnessed the scene where Aragorn is Tossing Gimli, well, In Florida, if owners of the stores where alcohol is stored participate in or permit any contest of Dwarf tossing they will be fined a thousand dollars.

If you’re a llama professional and you’ve had troubles because spectators got hurt during your show, move to Georgia. Llama professionals in Georgia are not accounted for any injuries that might occur to people who come to goof around the county fair unless they were standing in the authorized area.

In Hawaii, all billboards, with a few exceptions are prohibited. This law was issued in order to make the place more beautiful.If you want to know more about las vegas Car accident attorney please visit our page.

The only stated that declared cannibalism illegal is Idaho fearing that people might start eating other people in purpose of rituals and the law is very strict, threatening up to 14 years of prison. However, if in a life or death situation a person willingly eats another person who has already died in order to survive, this law has no effect.

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